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September 2013

Top 5 gatos mais adoráveis ​​na Internet

 Por sinan em 26 Sep 2013 |
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Image Credit  So I was feeling a bit too manly this morning, and simply had to lower my testosterone by staring at adorable kitty cats. I figured It’d be in bad taste to take this androgynous journey alone, and have thus decided to bring you my personal list of the 5 most fluffy, quirky, and squeal worthily adorable cats on the internet. Maru Maru is the original kitty gangster. His main claim to fame includes his exploits of trying to fit into small boxes, usually by way of a running start. His YouTube Channel is one of the most popular in all of Japan, and his successes have been well documented in his photo book succinctly entitled: I am Maru. Somehow the fact that he’s Japanese makes him that much cuter. Now look at his adorable fluffy face, and feel the aggression flow right out of you. Tardar Sauce (aka grumpy cat) You can just call her Tard for short. This cat is notorious for its disapproval of any and everything it comes across. The unique looking frown on her face is due to a facial abnormality similar to an under bite. One of nature’s happy accidents has turned this cat into the ultimate visual response to any text message from your spouse that might suggest an activity you aren’t immediately excited about.  For example, say your significant other suggests a movie you don’t want to see. You can send her this:   Lil Bub Another facial abnormality that resulted in unconscionable cuteness, Lil Bub is the world’s most famous feline space traveler. With a misshapen jaw, no teeth, and only six claws Lil Bub makes your heart simultaneously squirm with love and sympathy. But don’t feel too bad, Lil Bub has ridden her unique looks and lolling tongue to superstar status. She has books, highly viewed YouTube videos, movies and TV appearances, even her own talk show. She is a harmlessly unstoppable marketing monster, and I can’t stop trying to reach through my screen to try and scratch her head. Here’s a picture of Lil Bub rubbing noses with Tard. Behold the glory of two famous internet cats.   Sam the Cat with Eyebrows He always looks so concerned.  Sam is a cat with distinctive markings above his eyes that look very much like slanted eyebrows, resulting in a look of perpetual worry for his master’s wellbeing. Perhaps if he weren’t so active on social media, he’d have less troubles. Sam’s Instagram account has over 100,000 followers, and he also has a very active Twitter profile, where he details his day to day worries of napping, and getting into precarious situations. Pusheen Despite being animated, Pusheen is possibly the cutest cat to ever grace the cover of a web comic. This fiercely fat cat is determined in most of her endeavors, but none more so than her insatiable quest for pie. Her ultra-popular web comic has driven tons of traffic to her famous website:, and has made author, Claire Belton, a mint in merchandising, and book sales. This precautious feline is sure to brighten even the dreariest day with her overactive imagination and quirky adventures.   So there you have it those are the cutest kitty cats on the internet. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Let me know if there are any adorable internet cats that I’ve missed!

De volta à escola Ansiedade de separação

 Por zack em 19 Sep 2013 |
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O ano escolar está começando de novo, e é um momento excitante para as crianças e os pais. As crianças começam a ver seus amigos da escola novamente, continuando a desenvolver esses laços sociais estimados, e recheio em alguma educação aqui e ali, enquanto os pais têm a casa de volta para si mesmos por alguns meses. No entanto, de volta ao tempo escolar não é uma grande festa para cada membro da família. Animais de estimação, especialmente novos animais de estimação, que não estão acostumados a gastar muito tempo sozinho pode encontrar-se perturbado com a falta de atenção diária e empresa que eles se acostumaram ao longo dos meses de verão. Isso pode levar a todos os tipos de travessura, caos e danos indesejáveis ​​à propriedade. Então, considerando a temporada, decidimos revisitar um tema oportuno e falar sobre cães com ansiedade de separação.  
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