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Fevereiro de 2015

Relógio: Assistência Cães Quatro cuidadores Legged

 Por alexandra em 27 fev 2015 |
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Many people know about Guide Dogs or Seeing Eye Dogs but not many people realise that there are some very special pups being trained to help the physically disabled, the elderly and even those who suffer from autism. That's a huge job for these gorgeous labs but they are definitely up for the challenge. The things they achieve and the freedom and independence they give their owners is priceless.  Have you heard of Assistance Dogs before?

O Que Você Precisa Saber Sobre Doença Cardíaca Felina

 Por alexandra em 26 fev 2015 |
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Just like us humans, our feline counterparts can also suffer from heart disease. The fancy medical word for it is Cardiomyopathy. There are different types of feline heart disease however the most common type is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is when the walls and ventricles of the heart become too thick for blood to pass through them. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is most often hereditery and breeds such as Persians, American shorthairs and oriental breeds are predisposed to the condition. You are able to get your cat tested at your vet or even purchase tests online also. However you may not be so lucky to find out by testing prior to finding symptoms of the disease. Most cats usually develop the condition and start showing symptoms well after their kittenhood and into midlife but it can occur at any age. The way this disease damages the heart is by the heart changing it's structure due to the thickening of the walls and by doing this the way the heart works is changed. The muscles become less flexible and no longer allow the cavities to fill with blood or to push blood on efficiently. Symptoms can cary depending on the cat and the severity of the condition. However a kitty with significant damage to the heart will show difficulty breathing, leg paralysis or strokes. While there is no cure for feline heart disease as the changes made to the heart by the condition are permanent, there have been some advances in treatments by using ubiquinol and amino acids such as taurine, L-arginine and acetyl L-carnitine, which you can discuss with your vet. Early diagnosis with proactive treatment can give your kitty the best chance at slowing the changes to the heart and maintain a great quality of life. Feature Image Credit  

Relógio: Gato Skateboarding "deixa cair" no parque do patim

 Por alexandra em 25 fev 2015 |
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We all think our fur kids are the most precious, talented cutest things on Earth but some pets have that extra spark, that... shall we call it X-Factor! Didga the tabby is one of these star quality cats. He is known in the Malibu area as the top cat at all skateboard parks because he knows how to shred!  Does your pet have any hidden talents?

Por que os gatos adoram caixas tanto?

 Por alexandra em 24 fev 2015 |
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Have you ever spent your hard earned money on your cat's brand-new toy only to find him or her kicking it to a corner and playing with the box it came in? If you're a cat owner, that question really doesn't need to be answered-of course you have!   But fear not- there is method to your kitty's madness! Science explains why exactly it is that cats love small boxes whether they be shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic toy boxes or even small spaces in your favorite closet. It is part of a cat's instinctual behaviour to look for confined spaces just like they would in the wild. These small dark spaces allow them to hide from predators or stalk their prey. This instinctual behaviour is not exclusive to domestic pets, wild cats like lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs love boxes too. We just rarely see them out in the wild playing in giant cardboard boxes.           "Cats like boxes because they are cryptic animals; they like to hide," Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told to Business Insider. "And a box gives them a place of safety and security." Boxes are also the perfect place to cosy up and take a nice and comfortable nap without anyone sneaking up on them and disrupting their sleep. They are also darker and cooler so they may take refuge in them on hot days. However you may notice that on cold days they also curl up in boxes, the reason for this is because the boxes not only provide them with a safe and secure place to rest and recharge but they are also little insulators to keep them warm on colder days. The reason why they choose boxes WAY too small for their bodies also known as the 'if I fits, I sits' theory is based around a cats curiousity. In their minds, a box is a box, so they just see it a bit of a challenge to see if they can fit into the box. Surprisingly they often do!

8 razões pelas quais cada criança precisa de um animal de estimação

 Por alexandra em 23 fev 2015 |
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Cue the 'awww'. How adorable and relatable is this video? Most parents would have experienced the sharing of toys and food between babies and their pets. The love our pets have for our children is unbreakable, from when they're tiny babies, our dogs will serve as protectors and our cats will always make sure they're happy and healthy. So here's to our pets, for being our furry parent aids.

5 pontas em como transicionar seu Kitty de um gato ao ar livre a um interno

 Por alexandra em 20 fev 2015 |
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So you're considering changing your cat from an outdoor cat to an indoor one but haven't got a clue how to start the process. Fear not because your cat can happily live indoors. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. 1. Increase indoor time If your cat comes home to eat or for cuddles, slowly increase the amount of time he or she is there. You can opt to close the doors and have some play time so they can associate being home as a positive experience rather than something they can't wait to get away from. Do this in short increments and then increase the time slowly. 2. Precautions Make sure you are up to date with flea treatments so that your cat isn't bringing any unwanted friends home with him or her. You may opt for using a flea collar in the weeks leading up to bringing them indoors for good. You should also take them to the vet for a general check-up to make sure they are healthy inside and out. 3. Provide indoor points of interest If you have previously kept your home free of any toys or activities for your kitty then it may be time to change that. Introduce some scratching posts, jungle gyms and some interactive toys so that when they come inside they have new things to explore and play with, thus increasing their interest in spending time indoors. You may also opt for allowing them in rooms they previously have never been in. Cats are curious so if there's something new to check out, they absolutely will. 4. Fresh air and sunshine Your cat is used to being out in the great outdoors so you they should have plenty of access to fresh air and a sunny place to nap in your home. You may choose to get them an outdoor netted playpen so that they can get the best of both worlds. 5. Save your furniture Make sure your cat has plenty of places to scratch so that your furniture isn't torn to shreds. Place the scratching posts near lounges, chairs, and any place you've noticed he or she likes to dig into.  Feature Image Credit

Como gerenciar um filhote de dentição

 Por alexandra em 19 fev 2015 |
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Much like when a baby starts teething, a puppy's teething period can not only be painful and itchy but they also don't know how to solve the problem. This may make them just as irritable and cranky as a teething baby. Your pup will start teething between 12 and 14 weeks where the milk teeth will start fall out and new adult teeth will begin to grow. By five months, a puppy should have all their adult teeth. You might not notice the change unless you see the missing teeth. The easiest way to tell if your pup is teething will be if he or she has gone from chewing on a few toys to chewing on everything and anything. Staircase banisters, window sills, house plants, leashes, table and chair legs, shoes and socks, all are fair game to a teething puppy. You may also notice an increase in drool so get your mops ready. To help your pup during this time you can freeze chicken wings, teething toys or even give them ice cubes to chew on. The cooling effect will sooth their sore gums and also cater to their 'must chew' policy during this time. Remember to be patient, they aren't chewing your stuff to get on your nerves, they are simply doing it to scratch their itchy gums. Make sure your pup has plenty of toys and chewables so that not everything in your home is destroyed. There are some natural remedies to help too. Herbs such as chamomile and lavender can have soothing properties can help calm your pup during tough teething times. You can make a tea using these, let it cool and then pour some over your pets kibble. Freezing the tea into ice cubes can double the effect as the cooling ice will numb the gums. Aloe Vera water that you or I drink is a great way to help your pup's food recover from the irritation of teething. Pour a bit into his or her water bowl, however if they aren't a fan of the taste you may try and conceal it with puppy food. You can get aloe vera water from most supermarkets. If the these tips don't help or you notice infection or bleeding take your pooch to the vet for medical attention.

Como Hamster comemora o Dia dos Namorados

 Por alexandra em 18 fev 2015 |
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Com o Dia dos Namorados apenas passando por nós, tenho certeza de que a equipe em [[[Petbucket]] não estava sozinha na compra de nossos animais de estimação um presente do Dia dos Namorados. No entanto, se você pensou que as datas românticas foram deixadas para os humanos, você estava errado. Esses adoráveis ​​hamsters nos mostram como está feito.           

Podemos aprender uma coisa ou duas dessas pessoas

 Por alexandra em 17 fev 2015 |
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It's easy to find differences between each other but at the end of the day aren't we just a bunch of cells functioning, in need of love and friendship?  This unlikely pair managed to find a lifelong friendship despite being predator and prey, so shouldn't we too be able to put aside our differences and find common ground and just enjoy each other's company?  We should definitely be taking a lesson out of this pair's book.

Animais de estimação interrompendo Yoga

 Por alexandra em 16 fev 2015 |
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Yoga is a wonderful way to release tension and centre yourself. However, it appears our pets feel there are better ways to wash away any stress and tension and that involves them letting you get into your yoga pose and them finding a way to tickle you, kiss you or just use you as a comfy resting spot. After all the giggles and kisses, you decide, do you feel any better? Less stressed about the world? We think they're onto something. Perhaps that's where the name downward dog came from...
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