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June 2019

How does Nexgard work?

 by ben on 21 Jun 2019 |
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With zero hassle, each beef-flavored tasty Nexgard chew provides a full month of protection from biting pests. Made by the same company that created Frontline, Nexgard marks an innovation in flea and tick relief. Each beef-flavored, chewable treat p...

How to treat dermatitis in cats

 by ben on 11 Jun 2019 |
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Fleas are the most common cause behind feline dermatitis, but your pet’s diet or environmental factors can also inflame ...

Quais são os efeitos colaterais do Simparica?

 by ben on 03 Jun 2019 |
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Todos nós queremos proteger nossos animais de estimação de pulgas, carrapatos e doenças que eles carregam, mas alguns tratamentos podem ser ...
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