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Common brand names

Not available as a single ingredient product for household pets.

Combined ingredients

  • Vectra Spot-On for Dogs and Cats (with Pyriproxyfen)
  • Vectra 3D Spot-On for Dogs (with Permethrin and Pyriproxyfen)

Uses of Dinotefuran

Dinotefuran is an ectoparasiticide used to control fleas in dogsegatos.

É altamente eficaz contra pulgas, mas não afeta outros carrapatos, ácaros ou parasitas internos. Geralmente é combinado com outros parasiticidas como permetrina ou larvicidas como piriproxifeno .

Método de aplicação

External application. Combined ingredient products are supplied as topical/spot-on solutions.

Dosage and administration

Dinotefuran is not available as a single ingredient product.

Para dosagem e administração de produtos de ingredientes combinados, consulte as informações sobre o produto específico e use apenas as instruções.

Possible side effects

Dinotefuran is generally well tolerated by dogs and cats, but individual skin sensitivity may occur at the site of application.

As Dinotefuran is used in combined ingredient products, side effects experienced may be due to other active ingredients.

Signs of toxicity

Overdose is unlikely when applied topically as directed, but animals may experience poisoning due to accidental ingestion when licking the area of treatment.

Signs of toxicity include anxiety, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, vocalization, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

If you suspect your dog or cat has had an overdose, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


This information is provided for general reference only and is not intended to replace the packaging label or veterinary advice. This page may not include all side effects, uses, brand names or applications.


dinotefuran drug information sheet
Dinotefuran Information Sheet

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