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Meet Fudge and Kedi, the adorable innovators behind PetBucket!

They have a sweet and simple mission statement, (the following has been painstakingly translated from a series of excited barks and subdued meows.)

"We passionately want to provide convenient and reliable service with fair prices for anyone who is shopping for pet treatments online."

One sunny day a couple of furry friends named Fudge, (the British Bulldog) and Kedi, (the Bitsa) decided they wanted to buy their pet flea, tick and worming treatments online. They had been playing happily outside and attracted a plethora of parasites to their wooly pelts, and were in dire need of quality flea and tick protection. Unfortunately, every website they could find was either too boring or too difficult to browse for very long. Together they came to a conclusion: purchasing your pet medication online should be simpler, easier and more much more fun! Thanks to this simple and powerful realization they decided to start the very first cat / dog collaborative website: PetBucket.com

PetBucket é um site de comércio eletrônico exclusivamente projetado especificamente para donos de cães e gatos para comprar tratamentos com descontos de marcas como Bravecto , Frontline Plus , NexGard e Revolution . É a distinção de ser desenvolvido por pessoas que amam profundamente seus gatos e cães e, portanto, a vantagem de conhecer intimamente as necessidades de outros donos de animais aos quais o site atende. Quando você faz compras no PetBucket, você sempre pode esperar três coisas: pagar bem menos do que o preço de varejo , levar seus produtos diretamente à sua casa e ser tratado com uma interface amigável e intuitiva que tenha suas necessidades específicas em mente.

PetBucket is a true value driven business, which means if you don’t get superior customer service and supremely satisfactory products for your money, then there isn’t much of a business in the first place. They are masters at listening to your feedback, and industry leaders when it comes to continuously improving their services. Petbucket’s goal is to become the one stop shop for any and every one of your pet’s flea, tickeworming needs.

* Fudge faleceu em setembro de 2017, após uma dura luta contra um câncer canino. Nós sempre sentiremos sua falta, Fudgie. DESCANSE EM PAZ.